Silk Desire

About Silk Desire

Burlesque is a dream so come and dream with me

Former ballet dancer with experience in contemporary and in the exotic bollywood dance, Silk Desire takes the stage wrapped in sparkling and fluffy costumes, bending herself in incredible positions or dancing and stripping on vintage music always with a cheeky smile.

Her Burlesque is a spicy and interesting mix of classical ballet and exotism, inspired by her dancer’s experiences and her studies on iconography, mithology and symbolism and following the routes showed by Ruth St. Denis.

Silk Desire performed all over Europe, plus Australia and Russia, in great shows such has Burlesque Noir, produced by Raven Noir, Best of Burlesque by Chaz Royal and Wunder Kabarett by Daisy Deparis.

In her free time Silk is Cancan teacher and leading dancer of her own showgirls troupe “Les Macarons” and teach workshops to introduce people in the world of Burlesque to create a more conscious crowd.

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